Bay Area Aesthetic Masters 

2019 Extravaganza with Roger Price

June 7th

At Quadrus in Menlo Park and open to members and non-members- a true team event!

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Respiratory Physiologist

Integrative Health Educator

Director of Professional Services - Graduate School for Behavioral Health Sciences

1955-1961 - Graduated B.Sc. Pharmacy (Hons) South Africa.
1962-1968 – Post-graduate studies in Physiology, Pharmacology,                      Toxicology, Clinical Nutrition, Remedial Massage Therapy..
2002-2004 – Behavioral Modification, NLP, NET,CBT.
2005-2007 – Bond University Australia – Ass. Prof. Health Sciences and Medicine – lecturing Physiology and Pharmacology.
2008-2009 -  Queensland University - Certificate Integrative Medicine.
2007-          -  Capnometry and Biofeedback applications culminating in Masters degree in Applied Breathing Sciences.


Creating Integrated Airway & Sleep Health Programs with supportive Patient Education

Natural management of respiratory disorders - Asthma, Snoring, Central Sleep Apnea and Digestive issues.
Relief from disrupted sleep patterns, chronic tiredness, lack of energy and poor stamina.
Natural management of child bed-wetting, adult nocturnal enuresis, hypertension, HVS and anxiety/panic disorder.
Behavioral Management and empowerment to effect change from within.
Stress Management and effective communication skills.


Deep understanding of how early developmental issues cause long term chronic health conditions.
20 years experience in the relationship between dental, orthodontic, sleep and behavioral dysfunction.
Expertise in the integration of myofunctional and sleep related breathing disorders into dental offices.


“Berg Education”
a patient-centered program designed to explain, in layman’s terms, the relationship between visible symptoms and underlying exacerbatory factors.
“Breathing Disordered Sleep”
a program which takes the ‘accepted’ term Sleep Disordered Breathing and explains how daytime dysfunction causes night time sleep disorders.  This is the only system available that successfully manages Central Sleep Apnea without physical intervention.
“Address Stress”
Co-developer of the Address Stress package for home based stress management.


5 decades of International lecturing and presentation worldwide.
Prime lecturer for International Functional Association (IFUNA)
Guest lecturer for:
ADA (American Dental Association)
AACP (American Academy for Craniofacial Pain)
ADOH (Advanced Dentistry and Oral Health)
Preferred lecturer and educator for:
Kois Centre for Advanced Dental Education
Wellness Dental Network
Spear Education
Dawson Academy
Seattle Study Clubs