Bay Area Aesthetic Masters 

2020 Extrravaganza with Drs Acker and Hartwick

Sept 25th and 26th

At Quadrus in Menlo Park and open to members and non-members- a true team event!

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Course Description – An Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding and Implementing Airway and Sleep Disordered Breathing Protocols

Sept 25-26, 2020

Day 1

Airway disorders and sleep disordered breathing – introduction, health concerns from a Public Health perspective
Anatomy and physiology of the airway
Genetic and epigenetic factors in airway and craniofacial development
Introduction of the System for managing airway patients
Structure , function and behavior as root causes of airway dysfunction
Patient Screening introduced
Data collection – medical metrics, clinical exam, clinical photography, and cone beam CT scan, digital intraoral scanning
Interpretation of data collection
Training of high resolution pulse oximeter
Demonstration of scanner
Introduction to diagnosis  of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Upper airway Resistance Syndrome
Day 2

Diagnosing cases
Review of data from high resolution pulse oximeters.
Oral Appliance therapy introduced
Analog impression techniques for oral appliance therapy
Digital scanning for oral appliance therapy (live demo)
Review of myofunctional therapy and functional appliances
Building a network of providers for our airway patients.
Review of sleep and health
Case presentations and reviews.
Adjunctive therapies.